Print From Anywhere

Print wirelessly from mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones to library printers. Also, you can print from any Internet-connected computer–send print jobs from your home computer!

Pick up your print job at the Print Release Station behind the library’s Information Desk. Black and white prints are 10 cents each and color prints are 25 cents each. Double-sided printing is not available for our print from home service.

Documents will remain at the Print Release Station for 48 hours from when you send them, and then they will be deleted. You will use your e-mail address to retrieve your print jobs at the library.

Please note: the Print Release Station is shut down 10 minutes before the library closes. If you need to pick up a print job you have sent from home, make sure to arrive before 6:50pm on weekdays and 4:50pm on weekends.

How to print from your device

Method 1: Upload Document to Web Portal

Click here to visit the wireless printing portal.

Select one of the library printers to print to:

Enter your email address (this is what you will use to retrieve your print jobs at the library)

Select document:

  • If you are printing from a website, copy and paste the complete URL of the web page you want printed to the box.
  • If you are printing a document saved on your computer, click on Browse and find the file you want to print.

Click on green print button, and wait until it says your print job has been processed. Write down your confirmation number, just in case there would be an issue.

Method 2: Send as Email Attachment

Login to your email account and send or forward an email with the document to be printed as an attachment to:

You should receive a confirmation email back from Printspots with instructions on how to pick up your print job.

Retrieve your print jobs at the Print Release Station behind the library’s Information Desk.

Method 3: Use the PrinterOn App (For tablets and smartphones)

Go to your device’s app store (Apple Store or GooglePlay) and search for Printeron.

Download the free PrinterOn app to your device.

Tap on “No Printer Selected” to choose the printer you want.

Tap on Search. Search for 50158. Choose whether you want to print to the Black and White or Color printer.

Select what you would like to print, follow the on-screen prompts and send to our print release station.

Method 4: Curbside Printing

Patrons can request documents to be printed via curbside pick-up. Here’s how you can get your documents:

1. Email PDFs, DOC files, or links to to be printed. Make sure to provide your full name and put “Curbside Print Job” as the subject of your email. We are only able to print in Black and White.

2. WAIT for us to confirm we’ve printed your job. We will send you an email when your items are available for pick-up. Please note that staff are not able to monitor this email at all times and it may take some time before your print job is ready.

3. Once you’ve received a confirmation email, park in one of the 3 curbside parking spots on the West side of our main entrance. Call the library at 641-754-5738 ext. 2 when you get here to let us know you’ve arrived.

4. WAIT in your vehicle while the library staff member brings your items outside. We will place the items in a plastic bag near your car. Please stay in your vehicle until the library staff member is back inside.

If you have any questions about this process, please call the Info Desk at 641-754-5738 ext. 4 and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Disclaimer: we are not able to print all file types, but we’ll try our best to print whatever you need. We also ask that patrons limit their requests to 15 pages per week. If the library is unable to print what you need, we will let you know.