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Ask about the 2017 Quick & Simple Teen Summer Reading program with prizes for 7th - 12th graders next time you are at the library!

LOL (Lit Over Lunch) @ MHS. Meet with other readers in the MHS Library over the A, B, and C lunch hours about once per month throughout the school year to discuss books, have occasional speakers, etc. PRE-REGISTER with Mrs. Fritzell, Mrs. Inhelder or Joa @ MPL.
A free lunch (thanks to Friends of the Library) is provided.

Iowa's only High School Battle of the Books
hosted each spring at Marshalltown High School

Teen Reading & Reviews

For Teen Writers and Artists
Figment - an online community to share writing
Merlyn's Pen - magazine showcase of teen writers      
Letters about Literature Contest
- annual contest for students
Resources for Teen Writers - Tailored to science fiction/fantasy writers                     
Critique Circle - an international online critique group
                         with special section for teen writers

Pongo - a site to encourage writing by teens - Scholastic's website for teen writers and artists
Contests/Scholarship Opportunities for Teen Writers & Artists
Poetry Resources for Teens
Post & read book reviews: here or here by and for teens

Trading Card Leagues
The Marshalltown Public Library hosts two trading card leagues for all ages: Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. The leagues have designated times when people can play these trading card games and earn points toward free cards. Year round, the leagues will meet on Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m.
Games like D & D, Magic, etc. may be played as well.

VolunTeen Program
The library has a summer volunteer program for teens, 7th-12th grades. Applications start to be available in April for the upcoming summer. Call, stop by, or email Joa at for info.

Recommended Sites -

Reach Out - Information & help for all kinds of issues teens are dealing with

Anti-bullying resources

MHS Media Center

Iowa College Aid Commission - (info about college, financial aid)

Find out about Accredited Online Colleges in Iowa

Build vocabulary - and help fight world hunger

Citing sources in reports

Do Something - a site for youth interested in getting involved/making a difference

Information and reviews for teens on all kinds of graphic novels and manga:

Uncover the truth about urban legends, internet scams at

Find your favorite bands, singers, and other recommended music

Find info about all kinds of movies, t.v. shows, and actors

Historical photos to use in reports/presentations from Library of Congress

TeensHealth ********* Drug Abuse Info *

Request a Book

To request a book, please use the Contact Us page.


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